Use and development of land today involves a complex and constantly changing scheme of governmental land use regulations. Property owners and real estate developers-in fact, any business which uses real property in the course of its business-face a far-reaching set of laws, rules and requirements that specifically provide, and in many cases severely limit, how a given property may be legally developed or used.

At Armbruster Goldsmith & Delvac LLP, we provide our clients with valuable expertise on how to successfully navigate through this regulatory maze. What sets us apart from other law firms is we specialize only in this one important area of law, and therefore, we are able to deliver high quality on a cost effective and timely basis. And, as with all business, time is money.

We represent a prestigious roster of real estate and business clients in the development of a wide variety of projects, including commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, and mixed-use developments. From the inception of a real estate development project through the entitlement process and beyond, to defending the hard won project approvals in court, project construction, operation and disposition, we frequently work as an integral part of development teams of architects, engineers, and consultant to successfully implement our clients’ goals.

Together with our clients we get the job done, and together with our clients we help develop a better future to serve our community.